Episode 24: Estate Planning for Real Estate Investors

Posted on: August 24th, 2021 by Real Estate Accountants

In Episode 24 of our Talking Real Estate with Peter and George video series, George Dube interviews BDO Canada’s Colton Hoekstra on estate planning for real estate investors, what it might look like for those investors, and discusses  some of the tools used in estate planning, such as an estate freeze. Colton and George work together on a variety of tax planning projects for real estate clients, and this 25 minute episode talks about the nature of that estate planning, and why it is important for real estate investors. They also talk about why a key element of planning is “family harmony”, something that is often missed in the discussions. The discussion continues in Episode 26: Wills and Estate Planning for Real Estate Investors.

To learn more or to get help with your real estate accounting needs, contact Peter Cuttini, or George Dube, or Colton Hoekstra.

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