Episode 23: Ian Hocking and Barrie Real Estate Investing

Posted on: August 18th, 2021 by Real Estate Accountants

Ian Hocking, a seasoned realtor and real estate investor, is guest of of Episode 23 of our Talking Real Estate with Peter and George video series. In this episode, Peter Cuttini and George Dube interviews Ian, of Hocking Homes, about his experiences as a real estate investor and realtor, and delves into real estate investments and real estate activity in the Barrie area.

Ian started in investing in the UK, and then moved to Canada and began to buy real estate in Canada. From there he obtained his real estate license, started a property management company (two actually), and built a real estate sales team. His focus is on Barrie and Collingwood for investing. 

To learn more or to get help with your real estate accounting needs, contact Peter Cuttini, or George Dube.

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