Non-residents and non-resident joint ventures: Filings and deadlines for owning and selling Canadian real estate

Posted on: May 28th, 2015 by Real Estate Accountants

Annual filings for non-resident investors in Canada

Given the time of year, June 30th being a major tax filing deadline for non-residents, we wanted to highlight an article from the archives that covers the ins and outs of owning and selling Canadian real estate as a non-resident, or as a real estate investor who has non-resident joint ventures. Many of our clients are either non-residents, or have successful joint ventures with non-residents. The key is ensuring you follow the reporting requirements for tax purposes, in both Canada and the home country. For the full article, see:

What Non-Residents Should Know about Owning and Selling Canadian Real Estate (and what you should know about non–resident JVs)

(Originally published June 2014 in REIN Report Magazine.)

George E. Dube, CPA, CA

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