The importance of proper reporting: Raising Capital Interview

Posted on: June 11th, 2012 by Real Estate Accountants

Properly reporting to both your investors, and the CRA, is a key aspect of any real estate investment business. Making sure that you are properly handling the accounting and tax issues that arise when dealing in joint ventures is critical to your success.

Recently, Russell Westcott, of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), sat down with George Dube, CPA to discuss this very topic in the following interview:

Raising Capital Interview with Russell Westcott & George Dube

Listen in as George and Russell talk about:

  •  The importance of keeping good and accurate financial records when working with JVs
  • Mistakes people make, from an accounting and tax perspective, when working with other people’s money
  • How accounting practices change when dealing with co-investors
  • How often investors should report back to their coventurers

Interested in learning more? George will be expanding on this topic at the Raising Capital event in Calgary on August 25th.

Peter and George will be at the event in Calgary so looking forward to seeing you there!


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