We're hiring!

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We’re happy to announce that we’re on the hunt for two exceptional people to add to our team: an Accounting Technician and a Receptionist/Executive Assistant. Accounting Technician Our firm is seeking a full-time accounting technician to work on NTRs, reviews and audits as well as various other accounting and tax assignments. The firm strongly believes […]

Top 10 tips for prepping your personal tax returns – pt 2

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6. Claim CCA or the principal residence exemption Generally, we like to claim the capital cost allowance (CCA)— the tax equivalent to depreciation—on our properties. This decreases our current year taxes even if we will incur “recapture” when we ultimately sell the property. After all, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. However, if […]

Top 10 tips for prepping your personal tax returns – pt 1

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1. Get organized. Use a checklist to find all deductions which may be available to you. We have publicly available checklists at www.dubeaccountants.com, including checklists for rental properties, automobile expenses, business activities, home office expenses and, of course, general personal taxes. 2. Maximize interest deductions. Maximizing your interest deductions can take a large bite out of taxes […]

97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors 2.0…with a bonus

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We’ve attended many real estate investor events, and one comment we often hear is how absolutely useful the 97 Tips book is for investors. So, we want to say congratulations to Don R. Campbell, Peter Kinch, Barry McGuire and Russell Westcott on the recent release of 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors 2.0. This […]

Budget 2011: Politics, yes. Serious discussion…?

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The Harper government’s budget has generated a great deal of political intrigue. Unfortunately I’m not sure that there has been much serious discussion on where we want the country to be positioned financially and how to get there.  However, it looks like an election may provide this opportunity, albeit an expensive one. To begin, depending on your point […]

We're moving!

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We’re excited to announce that Dube & Associates will be moving…just down the road.  The heritage building is still on Queen Street in Kitchener and will give us about two and half times the space of our existing office. And, we have been told on good authority we even have a ghost or two. We […]

Investing in the US: Who should own your property?

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George Dube and Peter Cuttini discuss the different ownership options when investing in the U.S. to maximize tax savings and asset protection Due to the severe recession that has gripped the United States economy and the subsequent reduction in housing values; a number of Canadians are now investing in U.S. real estate as second homes or investment […]

2010 Tax Checklists

Posted on: February 7th, 2011 by Dube & Cuttini 1 Comment

To help you identify all of the possible tax deductions as you are preparing your records for your 2010 tax returns, you can use our 2010 tax checklists. 2010-tax-checklists-11-03.zip (Download all) Checklist – 2010 Home office work space in the home Checklist – 2010 Employment Expenses Checklist – 2010 Business or Professional Activities Checklist – […]

Investment and tax plan: make it…then share it

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Early in the year, we frequently receive questions about the tax implications of investing, including “How much should I invest in RRSPs?” Unfortunately, many of these decisions are rushed, focused on immediate tax savings but devoid of an overall investment and tax plan. This ultimately costs people unnecessary time and money. We encourage people to […]

Canadians investing in US real estate

Posted on: February 3rd, 2011 by Peter Cuttini No Comments

The Canadian Real Estate Investors Club (CREIC) recently invited George and I (Peter) to discuss tax implications and business structuring options for Canadian real estate investors who are buying properties in the United States. We helped dispel many of the myths about investing in the US, including the unfortunate use of LLCs (limited liability companies) by Canadian investors. While […]